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October 1st 2016

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Writers’ Day

Guest Speaker Sarah Hymas

"I believe, ultimately, all any of us have is our word. What we say defines us alongside what we do.

"My dad used to say “Sticks and stones may break your bones, but words will never harm you.”

"I love my dad, but I don’t agree. I think the thoughts and beliefs contained in words do have power. As well as harm, they can heal, inspire, challenge and illuminate.

"I like what Martin Heidegger said: “Language is the house of our Being”. What he meant by ‘Being’ was, I’m told, the ground of our existence.

"How words root us is what guides me as a poet and celebrant. I am passionate about communication – clear, careful communication – that connects us, enables us to share experience, ideas and emotion.

"I am glad to be working with such delicate, strong tools as words. I aim to highlight the wonder and limitlessness of words in poems, stories and song in all aspects of my work: writing, ceremony, coaching …"

Visit Sarah's website HERE