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November 7th 2015 Members’ Showcase

Six members had signed up to read their work and Jan Gearon-Simm was the first to come to the microphone. She read what she called a therapeutic piece about a committee with a chairman who insisted he should benefit from a free gift token but the committee's secretary had the final word.

Julie Gowers followed with an account of a rather fraught trip to a hospital with her elderly mother and Mick Nash read a tale about a student who carried out a terrible revenge upon his choir master.


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Book Sale

During the break everyone had the opportunity to browse and purchase from the large selection of books brought in by members for the Circle's annual book sale.

£32.00 was raised for the Circle.

Joy Blackmur ended the session with an entertaining story about a Women's' Institute group that hosted a party for some very elderly and rather troublesome guests.

Julie Gowers

Jim Reeve read something he had written a while ago. Entitled, 'This Old House', it was about a dispute between a couple regarding the repairs needed to their home but the husband was only interested in fishing.

After the break, Mervyn Love read an experimental piece called, 'Cinderella's Wedding', which relied upon dialogue only. The aim was to establish sufficient contrast between the characters so an audience would recognise who was speaking. The story was a mix of traditional fairy tale with modern elements.