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March 7th 2015 Members’ Workshop Please note the ‘April’ Meeting is on March 28th 2015!

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Chairman, Helen Finch, gave an off-the-cuff talk about how in the week she was given the task of driving herself and a group of pupils to a Formula One exhibition at the Excel Exhibition Centre. The group attended the event in the hope of winning a car that would be assembled and then raced by the youngsters in June at Battersea Park. Helen was delighted to announce that her school was one of the winners.

Mary Vere shared her recent writing success by telling the group she was a runner-up in a Readers Digest Competition.

Sylvia Kent gave an account of this year's Essex Book Festival that began at Southend Library, which she said, unlike previous years, was a paid event.She also attended a talk by Richard and Judy, of TV fame, at Colchester Library and gave an illustrated talk using PowerPoint at Dagenham Library based on her recent book, 'Barking & Dagenham From Old Photographs', which is also featured in this month's edition of Essex Life.

When Ena and Mervyn Love visited Australia they emailed messages and photos to their family back home. On their return these were made into a journal, printed and given the title, 'Facts and Fancy', which represents their individual approaches to recording events.

The journal is an example of how electronic messages and pictures can be made into a physical memento.

Patrick Forsyth read a story entitled, 'Positively Dead', which was published in 'The Woman Writer' and won him the John Walter Trophy, about the abduction and murder of a girl, played in a TV drama by an actress with Down's Syndrome.

The last reading, a children's story by Rita Mitchell, was read on her behalf by Ena Love and told of a young girl who wanted to be a mermaid in the local carnival despite not conforming to the stereotype image for this mythical being of white skin and blonde hair.

Julie Gowers

Joy Blackmur read an account of staying in a convent, in York, called 'York Re-visited'.

Mick Nash read a piece entitled, 'Bleibner's Rocket Takes Off', an account of how an international business was built after its founder discovered and restored an abandoned bicycle in a skip when a youth.

Joy Ridgewell read a very entertaining short story about a middle aged couple who tried to resurrect their flagging love life with the help of Viagra that had a disastrous outcome.