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March 5th 2016

GUEST SPEAKER: Heather Reyes

This month’s guest is local author Heather Reyes

“Born on the outskirts of London,” Heather says, “I’ve always lived, studied and worked either within or less than half an hour from the capital. I graduated from Queen Mary College, University of London, in English, and later went on to take an MA in modern literature, then a PhD at Birkbeck College, London.

“After graduating, I worked as a freelance writer for a while – stories, articles and children’s books – until starting a family. Although a card-carrying feminist, I loved – and still love – being a mother, and elected to stay home and look after my two amazing children until they started school, when I took up a teaching post.

“After a number of ‘near misses’ with getting a full-length work published, my novel Zade (set in Paris) was accepted for publication by Saqi Books, and came out in 2004. It made a long-list of twelve books for the Prince Maurice Prize (for writing about love). I was over-awed to find that Zadie Smith (whom I really admire) was also on the list.”

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