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January 10th 2015 Ghost Stories

This month members read their scary stories…

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Candle light usually provides a suitably mysterious atmosphere at our January meeting when stories inspired by the supernatural are read out.

Ena said she had forgotten to bring the candles this year but when she revealed they were kept in her attic, we all suspected a different reason for not fetching them and the spooky tales that followed offered several reasons for avoiding dark, uninhabited places.

Despite the Yellow Advertiser not running its competition this year, for which the stories are often written, there were no less than twelve ghostly tales brought along, featuring haunted houses, pubs and a theatre.

The was the appearance of a departed king and queen, a woman disappearing into a painting, a true account of children with strange black eyes, a ghostly piano player, a ghost train and people communicating from beyond the grave.

The readers were; Nigel Wade, Patrick Forsyth, Cathy Barton-Sweeney, Frances Clamp, Christine Sutton, Mick Nash, Jim Reeve, Lois Easter, Claire Buckle, Rani King, Colin Taylor and Mary Vear. Thanks to them all for an unsettling but very entertaining afternoon.

Julie Gowers

Rani King

Colin Taylor

Cathy Barton-Sweeney