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© Brentwood Writers' Circle - February 2017

Speaker - Sarah Smith

Sarah’s latest work is a trilogy for children featuring Symington, Lord Byrd, a detective.

Sarah says about herself: “Born in Plymouth, I have always been telling stories because I've always been reading. My parents tell me if they lost me, when shopping, I could always be found sitting in the middle of a pile of books that I'd pulled off the shelves.

“At home I'd read anything - the back of a cereal packet, instruction manuals, novels, cartoons. As long as there were words, I was happy. By the time I was 12 I'd read The Count of Monte Cristo - now there's a book I wish I'd written - before moving on to Machiavelli (my history teacher said we should read it); and all things historical, sci-fi, criminal, and mystical. I count Dorothy L. Sayers, Douglas Adams and A.J.P. Taylor as my biggest influences.”

You can find out more about Sarah on:

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4th February 2017