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February 7th 2015

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All change for the February meeting. Due to unforeseen circumstances, the speaker booked for this month's meeting, Rosalind Green, was unable to come along and with only 24 hours to find an alternative speaker, Sylvia Kent really came up trumps!

One of Sylvia's Essex contacts, Mike Edmonds, an international actor, born in Billericay, was fortunately able to step in. Mike illustrated his talk with pictures and spoke about his years of experience as an actor in  the children's TV show 'Maid Marian and Her Merry Men', and films, 'Flash Gordon', 'The Dark Crystal', 'Who framed Roger Rabbit?', 'Time Bandits' (in the role as Og) and 'Return of the Jedi' (as Ewok Logray). He also told us about when he was the operator for Jabba the Hutt's tail in the Star War films.

Mike has dwarfism and he explained that those with the condition did not necessarily pass it on to their children. He said his parents were normal height but that he had chosen not to have children just in case they did inherit dwarfism. He said he started off as an apprentice electrician until he went for an audition advertising for 'midgets'. He also spoke about the talks he gives to schoolchildren on bullying.

Mike was in the first and final Harry Potter films. He described how the masks were made for the films and that he had to wear contact lenses. He said he would always have these put in last because they were difficult to see through.

Owing to back problems, Mike now finds walking very difficult and this has an impact on his ability to travel abroad to see his acting friends as well as commit to acting roles. However, it does not stop him from doing radio work. Mike ended his talk with a poetic ditty and is a real entertainer. He provided the meeting with a most enjoyable and informative afternoon.

Ena Love, Helen Finch, Julie Gowers