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5th August 2017

Speaker - Kelli Anglis

Kelli writes Sci-Fi, Dark Fantasy and is the author of The Project Butterfly series.

She says:My pen name is K. A. Angliss. I live in Essex, UK with my partner, my little girl, three rescue rabbits and dog.

I decided to choose self-publishing over traditional methods of publication, not wanting to give up artistic authority and enjoy being more ‘hands on’ in all aspects of my work.

I’ve always had a passion for reading and writing but only in my mid-twenties that I found my own defining writing style and the confidence to get my ideas down onto paper.

The Project Butterfly series is based on actual experiments on the human mind, a subject that has greatly affected me. I was doing some light reading on WW2 and I uncovered the disturbing history of Unit 731. It kept me up at night thinking about the cruel experiments carried out and inspired me to research further and question our human rights.

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