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75th Anniversary Flash Writing Competition

Winners Announced!

1st - “Last Train to Holloway” by Denis Ahern, Thurrock, Essex

On the Piccadilly line, fresh from the gym, sports bag confirming athleticism.

Unusually few passengers. One sleeping drunk, one attractive young woman. A

smile shared, sympathy for the drunken. Rapport.

King's Cross; feigning care, I woke the drunk.

"Your station?"

Grunt, "No."

Caledonian Road, she's off, another smile.

Not my station. But l'm off anyway. Too good an opportunity.

"Oi mate, your bag!" The drunk waving my bag.

"Thanks." Then turn again.

Alas, she's gone.

2nd - “Another Time” by Carol Cannavan, Hornchurch, Essex

Molten wax dripped onto the boy's hand making him drop the candle. As it fell he could just make out the sacking on the floor where it landed. His instincts told him to flee, even though he was starving. Nothing to eat tonight he thought as he struggled to get through the tiny window. He'd sneaked in before and found some crusts.

Perhaps he would try again tomorrow at the bakery in Pudding Lane.

3rd “The Vase” by Loretta Emery, Southampton

A stranger walks into an antique shop and spots a vase.

'Beautiful isn't it?’ The shop owner gushes, 'It's very rare. They say there are only two of them left in existence.'

'Really?' says the stranger inspecting the vase. Suddenly he sneezes and the vase crashes to the floor and shatters.

'l am sorry,' says the stranger leaving the shop hurriedly. He smiles to himself.

Great Aunt Vera's vase was worth something after all.

*       *       *       *       *       *

We had 100 entries from around the country, including Scotland, Ireland and Wales, and also from the States and France.

Thanks to everyone who took part.

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